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A Smarter Way To Do Business

Know and act based on your customer

Yes, we are in a new fast changing world! 

Where disruption occurs daily, where new ways of doing things, new players and new solutions are popping-up everywhere.

How do you engage with this disruption? How do you do it in a profitable, effective and relevant way? 

It all starts in one place. By knowing and interacting with your customers and prospects.

Questions that people have asked me include: “How do I do it?” “Is it too complex?” 

I will explain how to do it in this book. It can be simple.

You can be the best product designer, the most effective process manager or have the highest advertising budget – if you do not use your skills and capabilities to start understanding your customers or prospects, you will fail! Competitors that can do that, will succeed with a fraction of your budget and be much more effective – and win.

In this book, I will give you simple tools to help to better understand your customers and prospects and how to mine insights from such understanding and interaction. I will show you how to use it to manage your company better; be more effective; and how to engage and create a closer and more relevant relationship with your customer. I will explain how to maximise your existing budget and impact in the new digital world and how to use the digital world tools, partners and capabilities based on what you know of your customer and prospect.

I have applied such techniques in more than 30 countries with always positive outcomes for the business and its customers, now it is your turn. 

Go for it!

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