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Creating Sustainable Value Assessment

What is it?

Our Creating Sustainable Value Assessment helps our clients understand their current capabilities compared to best practice.

It identifies what you are good at and where you could make improvements.

However it's real power is how it helps get your whole executive team understand your actual capabilities (not what they think) and to agree the priorities for investment or disinvestment to move the business forward.

It is self-assessed and we guide your team to conduct it remotely to comply with restrictions imposed by Covid-19.

Once you've completed your assessment we help you implement the changes by mentoring your team, transferring our skills and knowhow to embed the improvements. We do not create consultancy dependency.

For more information please see our short guide below.


Customer-centric capabilities

Completely objective gets behind internal agendas and enables your organisation to prioritise together.

Get results within 90 days

Gives clear measures from which to build capability and get results

Mentored execution

Transfers skills and knowhow to your team and keeps your programme on track.

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