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With so much disruption within established markets, today’s challenge is about remaining relevant to your customers and prospects.

About us

We help CEOs of retail businesses improve their performance by diagnosing issues and developing customer-centric actions, making you more relevant to your customers improving their loyalty and value.

We help you improve your organization’s capabilities to:

  • Understand the data available and build a reliable source of data;

  • How to manage and use the available data to create actions that add value and differentiate your business;

  • Find and acquire the right customers;

  • Understand and optimize the value of every customer;

  • Diagnose the levers of improved customer loyalty, and how they can be applied;

  • Identify the perception of your organization by customers and prospects through direct interaction;

  • Deploy resources according to customer understanding;

  • Track and control the key indicators of improved and sustainable business performance.


We bring together a group of capable, multi-cultural and seasoned professionals who have delivered improvements and significant results across multiple geographies and business to focus on the barriers facing your business that stop you safeguarding its future in a disrupted, turbulent and uncertain market. We:

  • Leverage customer data to provide behavioural insights, enriched customer interactions and improved business performance management capabilities;

  • Apply direct customer insight to understand your customers, their issues, problems and dreams, that helps you build a relevant and sustainable relationship with your customers;

  • Implement process transformation that drives improved customer experience and operational efficiency, reducing your cost base;

  • Execute omnichannel design and deployment that focuses on digital transformation to deliver your products and services to your customers aligned to their capabilities;

  • Implement customer management processes and systems that deliver a ‘1:1’ relevant, timely and personalised interaction with your customers that leads to improved satisfaction and longer-term loyalty and value;

  • Facilitate business and sales team development and management that optimizes your resources to leverage improved capabilities.

How do we do it?

Using our bespoke diagnostic models, we work closely with your team to rapidly appraise each area of concern that you’ve highlighted. Once we’ve identified the root causes of your concern, we identify and recommend the right solution and create a transformation plan that meets your capabilities (including any improvements to those capabilities).

Can we help you?

If you feel that you need help, please talk to us.

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