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The 10 habits of customer-centric organisations in the age of digital business

Because of Covid-19 we’ve seen the unprecedented acceleration of digital adoption & innovation, offering organisations new opportunities to engage with their customers as they build a digital business.

This isn’t without risk as relationships can become more transactional & unless they also transform to be customer-centric they risk losing relevance with their customers.

In 2018 Gartner examined the habits of leading customer-centric organisations:

1.     Continuously listening to customers;

2.     Consistently following-up with customers on their feedback;

3.     Acting proactively to anticipate needs;

4.     Building customer empathy into processes & policies;

5.     Respecting customer privacy;

6.     Sharing knowledge internally & with customers;

7.     Motivating employees to stay engaged;

8.     Acting systematically to improve the customer experience;

9.     Creating accountability for customer experience improvements;

10.  Adapting to customer demands & circumstances in real time.

Are these habits even more important?

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