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NOW We Need True Leaders

In these challenging times, more than never, countries, companies and communities need genuine leaders.

·    Can you make and live with your decisions in unusual and uncertain times?

·    Are you sure that your team will follow you?

·    How are you behaving?

It is the moment for you to question yourself, “Am I a leader?” “Am I capable of leading my community, my company or my team through these troubled times?”

In moving forward from the current situation, getting from ‘A’ to ‘B’ understand where is ‘B’ to you? Where is it you want to go? What are you trying to achieve? Otherwise, any destination is valid!

Do you understand, within the new market dynamics, what it takes to get there?

If you will answer me “no one knows!” I will challenge you.

I have worked in environments with hyper-inflation wracked with social and political unrest where the uncertainty changed daily.

To understand what it takes to get to your ‘B’, you must analyse your environment and all the variables that may help or hinder your progress.

There is never 100% certainty, but by building a robust tracking and analysis process, you can react fast enough to adjust mid-flight and get to your ‘B’. 

Each week, understand the impact of systemic changes: such as social distancing, the shift to digital and on-line sales, so you reshape your business model in a fast, robust and progressive way. 

Decide and move. You cannot say to yourself, “I will wait, things will change back to normal”, or try to do a ‘quick and dirty’ transformation. You will lose the confidence of your team and customers who will suffer because of your indecision or lack of thoroughness. Your most valuable customers and employees will move too, as they have the power of choice.

Because you are in uncharted territories, you will make mistakes. Your tracking regime will help you spot problems early, helping you to fix them quickly and to be ready for the next challenge. Don’t worry if your progress looks like a sailing ship tacking into the wind.

Show confidence, exchange views and ideas with your team and customers and listen to what they say to ensure that you all move in the same direction.

"Leaders are like Lighthouses, they are not needed on a great day, they are needed in a storm." John Addison

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