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Is virtue signalling at bank brand level a cover for ever declining service quality?

Have you noticed the shift in recent years from banks promoting service propositions to making (often vacuous) statements and ‘commitments’ to Global issues? Environment and diversity being current vogue. Whilst I applaud such things are they just a smoke screen for something rotten at the core of their businesses?

Wherever you look on social media, and in hard research you see the same decline in service quality. Speak to friends and colleagues and it's not long before you get a litany of issues, niggles, and complaints about their bank.

The fintech's have scared them into increasing investment to create ultimately the same efficient payment platforms. But is that all customers want from a bank? It strikes me that a war being fought at the Hygiene level of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

In the meantime, people feel the increasing distance being put between the bank and its customers.

Where is the intelligence? The innovation? The empathy?

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