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Banks would be perfect without customers

Ever felt that you’re a hinderance to your bank?

Only banks have pro-actively tried to get rid of customer contact by treating them only as a cost.

From making you jump over hurdles to contact them via their channels to measuring employee performance by call and chat handling time they’re trying to minimise your cost to them.

People rarely try to contact their bank for fun! They want something that's troubling them sorted. The poor experience becomes the story to tell friends and colleagues undoing the efforts of multi-million pound marketing budgets.

Their marketing department amplifies the insanity by reaching out to customers when they can’t see the relevance and when they are not in ‘bank mode’.

It’s hardly surprising that this approach risks them losing relevance to their customers.

Wouldn’t it be better to talk with more customers to understand their dreams, concerns and needs and remain relevant to them?

We think it would.

Instead of seeing your customer as a cost to be minimised, see them as being valuable and something to be nurtured.

This is our customer Customer Imperative #6 Recognise my value to you.

If you'd like to find out more about our Customer Imperatives, please click here.

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