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Creating Sustainable Value Benchmark

Digital transformation alone won’t speed up your recovery

As banks continue to recover from the pandemic, they’re investing in digital transformation to adapt their operating model to a new reality.

Our research shows that banks rate their capability to build and implement profitable propositions that their most valuable customers want to buy and use at around a three out of five.

This means that their new digital capabilities may not help them recover as quickly as they’d hoped.

Truly understanding who your most valuable customers are, what they need and building the right model to serve them is now critical to your rapid recovery and growth.

How would your organisation compare to banks that have benchmarked their capabilities using our Creating Sustainable Value (CSV) Assessment?

Understand your capabilities

As a valued client of Lafferty Research our CSV Benchmark Assessment is FREE. (We may charge for subsequent services.)

It’s quick and easy to do

  1. Please watch the explanation of how it works and what you’ll receive.

  2. Download and complete our CSV Assessment, returning it to, and we’ll do the rest.

  3. If you’ve any questions, please contact  

It’s completely confidential – only you will know your results



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